Achieving personal and business goals can be difficult enough as it is,
much less doing it alone. Hiring a consultant that understands your needs
and has been there before can be vital to saving time, money, and frustration. 


“Free 30 Minute Consultation”

Call for a free consultation to see if having Business Consulting is right for you.

Individual Training

Directly receive your own consulting in a personal video chat, just you and Jesse.
Meant for 1-on-1 meetings.

  • Get your personal finances and goals together.
  • Learn how to build a business on life-changing principles.
  • Focus on proper communication, relationships, and financial status.
  • Create a balanced life that avoids “burnout” and allows you to go the distance!

Individual Studio and Team Goals

Receive individual, personalized training for your studio and team in your own coaching time with Jesse.
Meant for teams from 2-10 people.

  • Create the core principles on which you build your business.
  • Get your team on the same page to properly and efficiently get things done.
  • Set your business and team up for success by establishing the correct systems, practices, and communication.
  • Learn to create sales and a welcoming environment!

Multi-Studio Training

Experience industry-specific coaching and consulting alongside other studios and teams.
Best for teams of a couple people who are looking for in-depth learning at a more cost-effective rate.

  • Receive training with other studios and teachers on industry-specific topics.
  • Learn alongside other schools on subjects that are crucial for the success of your studio, team, and business.
  • See differing perspectives from other studios and learn what has proven effective for success.
  • Create a better and stronger camaraderie knowing that everyone is in this together.

Regional Training

Best for entire teams looking to make an impact on the dance industry as a whole.

  • Move entire areas and communities in the direction of a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.
  • Train your regional team on how to properly promote events, use goal setting, and create studio and student activity.
  • Learn the advantages and secrets on the difference between a successful region and one that struggles.

Interested in Business Consulting?
Let us set up a personalized package built for you and your team!

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